2020 Event

Rix Engineering Wethersfield Stages

18th October 2020

Anglia Motor Sport Club

Proposed Wethersfield Rally Trial - now the Wethersfield Stages Rally

Since the organising team announced its intention to replace the planned Wethersfield stages with a Rally Time Trial, the following has happened:

1. The organisers were pleased to receive a good level of interest, but with insufficient overall demand to bring the entry fee significantly lower than a typical stage rally.
2. The authorities at the venue have signalled their need for a cautious approach to restarting activities, which makes the September date impossible to confirm.
3. A stage rally planned for close to the proposed Wethersfield date has been opened for entries, and an announcement from Motorsport UK is expected imminently.

In light of this the organising team have reached the decision to plan a Stage Rally on Sunday 18th October (subject to receiving permission from the venue and a permit from Motorsport UK). Thank you for your interest, we will notify those who registered their email addresses with us when we are able to formally announce the event.

We wish you all a safe and successful return to motorsport over the coming months.

Wethersfield Stages Organising Team



2019 Winners: Stephen John Tilburn / Jack Tilburn - Ford Escort RS2500