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Wethersfield Stages9th September 2018


Mark Jasper / Don Whyatt
Winners of the 2018 Wethersfield Stages.

Photos courtesy of M&H Photography.

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The Composite Doors Essex Wethersfield Stages

28th August 2017


Niall Moroney / Elgan Davies - Subaru Impreza
Winners of the 2017 Composite Doors Essex Wethersfield Stages.

Photos courtesy of M&H Photography.

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 Welcome to the 2017 Composite Doors Essex Wethersfield Stages.

We are delighted to welcome you to this year’s stage rally at MDPGA Wethersfield.

Taking place on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2017, we have 6 stages planned, totalling around 65 miles.

This year sees Composite Doors Essex returning as sponors, the proprietors of which are long standing Rally Supporters and Competitors. We urge you to look at their website and hope this relationship opens a few New Doors

The venue is a combination of smooth and flowing tarmac with some nice twisty bits thrown in.

Starting at 9am and limiting the entry to 90 cars, we hope to finish in good time for a sociable prize giving before you need to head home.

As usual, a big thanks in advance to all the organisers and marshals who will make the rally happen and I look forward to seeing everybody there.

We have to clear the Venue Monday night, if any of you would like to give a hand bringing Cones and other equipment back from the Airfield to a central point, we would really appreciate it.

Gary Nicholls

Clerk of the Course.



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The Door Store Essex Wethersfield Stages

29th August 2016


Niall Moroney / Charles Davies - Subaru Impreza
Winners of the 2016 Door Store Essex Wethersfield Stages.
Photos courtesy of M&H Photography.

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The Online Kitchen Wethersfield Stages

27th September 2015


Congratulations to Ross Daniels & Paul Mankin for winning the

2015 The Online Kitchen Wethersfield Stages.

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MGJ Engineering Wethersfield Winter Stages

18th January 2015


Chris West / Keith Hounslow - Peugeot 306 Maxi Kit Car
Winners of the 2015 MGJ Engineering Wethersfield Winter Stages.
Photos courtesy of M&H Photography.

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Photos courtesy of M&H Photography.